The Suicide Experiment Day 32

    A Day of Videos: Ze First Video About the Neuroscience/Connections Side of This Experiment Ze Second Video About How Our Minds Connect Taste to Food A lot of them 😉 Ze Third Video About How we can be Angry About our Fucked Over Connections to Food Ze Fourth Video... Continue Reading →

The Suicide Experiment Day 31

Alright so if you're a follower you might be curious as to what happened yesterday. I did claim I would be rid of outside life variables by controlling my every thought to be positive or involve base thoughts (past enjoyed memories that provide comfort) and yet I still did a post. Maybe I'm addicted to... Continue Reading →

The McSuicide Experiment Day 30

Okay so I woke up and had outside thoughts...then got mad at myself...and. Okay so I've lost the control to control every single thought. It feels so rare that we can acknowledge the negative in life without it being a very close friend who we still fear will leave us. Otherwise it's an actor pretending...disconnecting... Continue Reading →

The Mcsuicide Experiment Day Something

Okay so let's start with two confessions. The first: I wanted to give you up this morning. In a dumpster of rot really. I was done pretending that maybe just maybe food is what causes suicidal thoughts. What fucking bullox. The world just sucks. We're doomed to negative lives, especially when we aren't loved enough... Continue Reading →

The McSuicide Experiment Day 28

Due to being in a flurry of keep Ainsley awake for three hours into the 4 A.M. connections  I do not have time to be at a real computer for a blog post. Please accept this phone post as compensation. Also when I say awake connections (to...(that word to quote someone but phrase shorter...!!!Paraphrase) myself)... Continue Reading →

McSuicide Experiment Day 25

Also I've been avoiding the inner rants coming out into words here but...I've been getting more frustrated at trying to convince people that maybe the food they are eating is wrong while they glare and prepare mind axes. No worries I have acid splash for days....of course then the acid would hurt me too... I... Continue Reading →

The McSuicide Experiment Day 24

Before Today... A new friend came over yesterday. One from my generation (currently in 20s) and we actually had conversations without Netflix or other distractions. Probably cuz no WiFi and he doesn't like gin and all my other liquids weren't desired. Admittedly he had just been food satisfied so my inner hostess sat back down... Continue Reading →

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