The McSuicide Experiment Day 20

The most infuriating belly feels on carb eating (versus being in ketosis) is how often you become hungry. When in ketosis I could eat once a day and be so satisfied that food wouldn't even be thought of. Except, of course, for recipes, but even then it was rational and I could sift through foods... Continue Reading →

The McSuicide Experiment Day 19

Smiling is so contagious. If you click Smiling you'll see it move on Instagram.  Sometimes someone will be looking at me and without looking back I'll just smile and watch their lips follow up in my peripheral vision. Oodles of happy times spreading easier than softened Kerrygold on a lavender scone. Imma just go mouthgasm... Continue Reading →

The McSuicide Experiment Day 18

I have returned. To Lubbock also. Willingly even. Leading to the final nail in the coffin that I'm mad. It's okay I admitted it first. Before leaving though I did stop off at The Steeping Room which has become a tradition of mine when in Austin. Especially if any life changes occur. I tend to... Continue Reading →

The McSuicide Experiment Explained

So there's this theory... I had three years ago (or less I just really love three)... The Equal and Opposite Emotion Theory: I noticed that there seemed to be a rebound emotional spectrum in this world that tended to be the equal and opposite of the original emotion. What's funny is that a rebound (in... Continue Reading →

The McSuicide Experiment Day 16

Do you know how hard it is to stick to vegetarian? Like Jenny's ability to stick to Forrest. Probably because they can't even use elephant glue. I've fallen to bacon twice and chicken once. They weren't even humanely treated. Primary Mental Bludgering: Mainly it's hard to feel full while only eating veggies. Redirecting mentally to... Continue Reading →

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